Studio Time

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blog this oneGetting started on a new suite of 10 mixed media Boxes and 2, 24” x 24” paintings. The first step begins with creating the foundations with gesso, course ground and fine grain medium, sandpaper or whatever materials I end up using.  Once this base foundation dries, layers of material will be added and removes to create the new work. The process begins and I find myself full of gratitude. I am grateful to have a little time to myself to dedicate to nothing but studio time, far from the laptop. Grateful that my life has become as busy as it is to require this block of time to give to my art, and that the busy nature looks an awful lot like a tiny little version of me…and of course, my better half.  Having a new baby will most defiantly put your resolve to the test. With that in mind, I am finally grateful for the simple desire to make art. I imagine that if I had not put the energy into remodeling my garage into a working art space, I might have found it a bit more difficult to find the time and determination to get back to it, but that is the very reason that I needed to play carpenter for a few months. If you can see a flood coming and have the time, better lean how to build a raft. Life is good.

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