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I think I need a new istle. I have been using the same one for many years and I have defiantly outgrown it. It has served me well.  I don’t know if outgrown is the right word though. When I first started painting on this istle my technique was much more genital to say the least. A good deal of the technique used to create my work has to do with leaning into the panels with force, scraping and sanding my materials away. It is time to go shopping for something a little sturdier. Anyway, here are a few new pieces to add to my portfolio. Cheers!


Boxes Suite of 10 – 10/12, mixed media, 10x 3.5″x2.5″x1.5″Process 1 and 21 and 2 -mixed media - oil on panel, 2x 24” x 24


Over Aurora

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Here we go. To get beyond ant excuses for the tardy posting of the completed works from the previous  “Slow Progress” posts I will say this. Slow and steady wins the race, or at the very least, didn’t sacrifice the journey in order to cross the finish line ahead of the rest.   And with that I will present the latest diptych to be included into the Panel series “Over Aurora 1 and 2 , inspired by the oxidized light post outside my photography studio frequented by my dog and loyal studio assistant Sukie. Actually, I have been working on several other diptychs and suites of Boxes, but they will have to wait their turn.


Boxes Suite of 10 – 8/12, mixed media, 10x 3.5″x2.5″x1.5″

Over Aurora 1 and 2 - mixed media - oil on panel, 2x 24” x 24

Over Aurora 1 and 2 – mixed media – oil on panel, 2x 24” x 24

Slow Progress is Better Than No Porogress

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Shortly after starting my weekly studio schedule that was followed by my last post, I was quickly reminded that even though the concept of keeping a set time to make art is necessary and valuable, it might not always be possible.  It is east to get down on one’s self if it becomes difficult to maintain a continuum that yields not only finished work, but also the sacred space that we all need as artists in order to create. But you know what? Feeling bad because we have outside obligations isn’t going to do anyone any good. So, with that I say do what you can Bret, slow progress is far better than no progress at all.

Progress report: 10 Boxes are in the final stages of completion, as are the two accompanying 24”x 24” mixed medias paintings. For this round, I will not post until they are finished. but I will say that I am really happy with their direction.


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I have been keeping up with my weekly studio time and it is starting to show.  I am in the process of creating 3 separate Suites of 10 mixed media Boxes all at various stages in the creative process. I have finished the first diptych as well and am on the first stages of another. I also decided to start making some smaller panel paintings at the same time. Why not? I am creating the smaller works is a set of 4. As I prepared to begin constructing the first layers of oil and medium I found myself putting it off. I had a 4-hour block of time and I was ready to begin, so I thought. As I started getting setting up for this next steps, I kept getting pulled towards cleaning, organizing my space and streamline my operations. What began as a mild form of procrastination, ended up becoming a studio day well spent, paving the way for a much smoother beginning I a few days when my studio time if here once again. One feather in my beret lies in my new system of storing my pants for easy access without too much hunting for the right color. I am sure this is not a new system, but new to me. I emptied out 6 small drawers and set them up next my istle. One drawer for reds, one for orange umbers and sienna, one for yellows and so on across the spectrum. This is a far cry from my single box containing them all.  I am curious to see if this new system will yield new inspirations, or if it just means I am getting obsessive compulsive in my old age.  Ether way, it turned out to be a great studio day.

Studio Time

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blog this oneGetting started on a new suite of 10 mixed media Boxes and 2, 24” x 24” paintings. The first step begins with creating the foundations with gesso, course ground and fine grain medium, sandpaper or whatever materials I end up using.  Once this base foundation dries, layers of material will be added and removes to create the new work. The process begins and I find myself full of gratitude. I am grateful to have a little time to myself to dedicate to nothing but studio time, far from the laptop. Grateful that my life has become as busy as it is to require this block of time to give to my art, and that the busy nature looks an awful lot like a tiny little version of me…and of course, my better half.  Having a new baby will most defiantly put your resolve to the test. With that in mind, I am finally grateful for the simple desire to make art. I imagine that if I had not put the energy into remodeling my garage into a working art space, I might have found it a bit more difficult to find the time and determination to get back to it, but that is the very reason that I needed to play carpenter for a few months. If you can see a flood coming and have the time, better lean how to build a raft. Life is good.

A Walk in The Park

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bark2-300bark300Being prompted to slow down from time to time in order to become completely aware of the moment is a wonderful practice. It seems as though peace is easy to come by if we take the time to remove ourselves from the chaos that is the waking life and just take a look around When we do, it is easy to see as we did when we were young enough to be fascinated by everything around us. It is here where we find art. I have had the pleasure of spending the past few weeks in the limbo between my Wife starting full time classes for her masters’ degree and the relocations of the Grandmothers to Seattle to help out with the baby. During this time, I have been with him pretty much all the time, giving Tam some time to study. This time has been priceless. We live half a mile away from Woodland Park in Fremont. I was so happy to realize that there were actual woods in the park. Woods, not just picnic tables grass and too many people. When we walk through the woods, they are our woods. We take our time. I try to see everything. This is something you can only attempt if you can slow down enough to really pay attention. To me, this is artful meditation. Even though my son is only 4 months old I would like to thing that he is right there with me, finding worder in the bark of an evergreen.

As Seen on Facebook

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Ah, I get it now! It must have seemed a bit redundant or backwards to create a facebook fan page for my artwork since I already have a great website and blog to showcase my work in all its glory. After all, why would I need to create a Facebook fan page when I can just direct people to my website, right? Well, I must have overlooked the small factor that the biggest social networking site the world has ever seen might just do a better job at this than I could. So, with that in mind, here is my new fan page. Or, I guess you can click on the widget in my sidebar, but I like making pretty links;)

Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 12.09.51 PM

Baby Room Octopus Mural…Done!

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There is no better time to make a mess with paint than before you have to be too careful. With all the studio furniture and materials moved into the newly remodeled space, the former studio – soon to be baby land, was an empty room; the walls were a blank canvas just right for a mural. So, as not to completely terrorize my soon-to-be son, I thought it best not to be too graphic with the full sized octopus. Night terrors are no fun.

Art Studio…Done!

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garage-0452I have no idea of how many hours went into this re-modeling project. I was a big project that seemed to get bigger as the days turned into weeks, but alas it is finished. It really came a long way from being a ramshackle garage to what it is now: a studio I don’t have to share with a futon. At one time, my creative space and my living space were the same.  I loved waking up to the studio, however, sleeping amongst toxic chemicals was probably not the best thing for my health. Times have changed as they seem to do and now that living space is shared with a family of my own.  It is important to be flexible with the concept of what type of an environmental an artist needs to create. Now, I have a separate creative space that is designed for just that. When I go into this space, I am going in for one reason. Of course, now I just need to make a little more time to make some art. But whenever that time is here, I have a great place to get messy. I love my new studio! Now that this job is done, on to the baby room.

Goodbye Garage – Hello Studio!

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blog-2391   garage-2379-2

I have discovered that the statement “Honey, I think I am pregnant” is code for, “Honey, I think the art studio needs to become a baby room”.  So with this statement, my pre-baby summer was dedicated in part, to converting an oil-stained, rickety, ramshackle garage into a well-organized, comfortable art studio. It was no small job, my brother in law and fellow artist Michael helped me make this happen. After supporting the structure with well-placed 2x4s, we put in the insulation, hung the drywall and cleaned and degreased the concrete floors, which had become an oil sponge since 1959.

It’s a dirty job, but it feels good to do it. I am just so grateful that I have a place to turn into an art space. I know that once I am changing diapers and doing all the great and wonderful things that go along with that sort of upgrade to “papa” status, I will need a place like this for a great many reasons. But the best reason is the simplest; I need to make make some art.