Art Studio…Done!

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garage-0452I have no idea of how many hours went into this re-modeling project. I was a big project that seemed to get bigger as the days turned into weeks, but alas it is finished. It really came a long way from being a ramshackle garage to what it is now: a studio I don’t have to share with a futon. At one time, my creative space and my living space were the same.  I loved waking up to the studio, however, sleeping amongst toxic chemicals was probably not the best thing for my health. Times have changed as they seem to do and now that living space is shared with a family of my own.  It is important to be flexible with the concept of what type of an environmental an artist needs to create. Now, I have a separate creative space that is designed for just that. When I go into this space, I am going in for one reason. Of course, now I just need to make a little more time to make some art. But whenever that time is here, I have a great place to get messy. I love my new studio! Now that this job is done, on to the baby room.

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