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I have been keeping up with my weekly studio time and it is starting to show.  I am in the process of creating 3 separate Suites of 10 mixed media Boxes all at various stages in the creative process. I have finished the first diptych as well and am on the first stages of another. I also decided to start making some smaller panel paintings at the same time. Why not? I am creating the smaller works is a set of 4. As I prepared to begin constructing the first layers of oil and medium I found myself putting it off. I had a 4-hour block of time and I was ready to begin, so I thought. As I started getting setting up for this next steps, I kept getting pulled towards cleaning, organizing my space and streamline my operations. What began as a mild form of procrastination, ended up becoming a studio day well spent, paving the way for a much smoother beginning I a few days when my studio time if here once again. One feather in my beret lies in my new system of storing my pants for easy access without too much hunting for the right color. I am sure this is not a new system, but new to me. I emptied out 6 small drawers and set them up next my istle. One drawer for reds, one for orange umbers and sienna, one for yellows and so on across the spectrum. This is a far cry from my single box containing them all.  I am curious to see if this new system will yield new inspirations, or if it just means I am getting obsessive compulsive in my old age.  Ether way, it turned out to be a great studio day.

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