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I think I need a new istle. I have been using the same one for many years and I have defiantly outgrown it. It has served me well.  I don’t know if outgrown is the right word though. When I first started painting on this istle my technique was much more genital to say the least. A good deal of the technique used to create my work has to do with leaning into the panels with force, scraping and sanding my materials away. It is time to go shopping for something a little sturdier. Anyway, here are a few new pieces to add to my portfolio. Cheers!


Boxes Suite of 10 – 10/12, mixed media, 10x 3.5″x2.5″x1.5″Process 1 and 21 and 2 -mixed media - oil on panel, 2x 24” x 24


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