A Walk in The Park

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bark2-300bark300Being prompted to slow down from time to time in order to become completely aware of the moment is a wonderful practice. It seems as though peace is easy to come by if we take the time to remove ourselves from the chaos that is the waking life and just take a look around When we do, it is easy to see as we did when we were young enough to be fascinated by everything around us. It is here where we find art. I have had the pleasure of spending the past few weeks in the limbo between my Wife starting full time classes for her masters’ degree and the relocations of the Grandmothers to Seattle to help out with the baby. During this time, I have been with him pretty much all the time, giving Tam some time to study. This time has been priceless. We live half a mile away from Woodland Park in Fremont. I was so happy to realize that there were actual woods in the park. Woods, not just picnic tables grass and too many people. When we walk through the woods, they are our woods. We take our time. I try to see everything. This is something you can only attempt if you can slow down enough to really pay attention. To me, this is artful meditation. Even though my son is only 4 months old I would like to thing that he is right there with me, finding worder in the bark of an evergreen.

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