Goodbye Garage – Hello Studio!

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I have discovered that the statement “Honey, I think I am pregnant” is code for, “Honey, I think the art studio needs to become a baby room”.  So with this statement, my pre-baby summer was dedicated in part, to converting an oil-stained, rickety, ramshackle garage into a well-organized, comfortable art studio. It was no small job, my brother in law and fellow artist Michael helped me make this happen. After supporting the structure with well-placed 2x4s, we put in the insulation, hung the drywall and cleaned and degreased the concrete floors, which had become an oil sponge since 1959.

It’s a dirty job, but it feels good to do it. I am just so grateful that I have a place to turn into an art space. I know that once I am changing diapers and doing all the great and wonderful things that go along with that sort of upgrade to “papa” status, I will need a place like this for a great many reasons. But the best reason is the simplest; I need to make make some art.

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